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4:43 pm - 04/08/2011

Diamonds and Hip Hop//

I met the talented designer Molly Abrahamsen outside her studio here in SoFo.


What do you get inspired by when you make your jewellery?

A lot off African patterns, and i also like to make things with diamonds and patterns in cheap materials over sized, to show the irony in the “bling-bling” side off hip hop. I also think colors are important, specially in Sweden, where the ideal is stripped down.

Which other jewellery designers do you get inspired by?

Melody Ehsani

What kind off other things do you make?

I also illustrate paintings and i have sold one to Sophia Somajo and i make costumes for a hip hop band right now. I have also made masks that the hip hop band used during their performance.

Where do you like to shop?

I like to shop second hand, in museum shops and i also like to swap clothes with my friends.


Molly is wearing:

Sweater/Second hand

Rings/Second hand, Tjallamalla & Indiska.

Bracelets/Dansmuseet & Indiska

Necklace/Made by Molly

Earrings/ BeadsbyPeddy

Sunglasses/ Beyond retro

Scarf/ Second hand from Africa

Check out Molly’s blog:


♡ /sara abdollahi.






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Gabriella- August 4, 2011 at 7:09 pm
Hej, jag har bara en liten fråga jag undra om du kunde svara på - skicka svar genom tack! Hur skaffade du en blogg här? Fick du ansöka om att få en registrerad här? Hur gjorde du, berätta gärna för jag förstår mig inte riktigt på om man måste maila först? Så hur gjorde du, hur gjorde du för att få en blogg här?
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