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3:16 pm - 18/12/2011

Crystal bracelets and winter coldness//

There is something with this look that is exclusive but yet grungy. Perhaps it is the mix between the fur and the crystal bracelets. Emily Karlsson got one of those unique looks that you just can not help but to notice.

Emily is wearing:

Fur Made by Emily Bracelets COBE Paris Other clothing Vintage

Check out Emilys blog out HERE

COBE Paris are handmade and can only be ordered HERE

♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.


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linn- December 23, 2011 at 10:52 pm
svar: oj vilken ära, hade absolut velat det. däremot åker jag tillbaka till mitt hem i London den 30de så det måste vara innan det. hur fungerar det?
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