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9:22 pm - 30/08/2012
Style fever Loves The Rosenrot//

Recently it seems as if most of the Fashion blogs focus on the same trends and the same pieces. This blog was started to document style and not trends nor mainstream fashion. Therefor the focus will be more niches on fashion that is more unique and lets say adopted by a fewer (bloggers and people in general). This is Gracia Ventus who is the genius behind the blog The Rosenrot.


Sunglasses Martin Margiela Jacket Rick Owens DRKSHDW Draped Dress DIY Boots Rick Owens

Describe your style?

 -I love Rick Owens. He opened my eyes to clothes that do not conform to the mainstream definition of what fashion and beauty should be. Although I don’t necessarily love every collection he produces, there is always a certain je ne sais quoi that pulls me back to him. Through that admiration for his vision I began searching for other like-minded creators. Without him I wouldn’t have learnt to appreciate the likes of Margiela, Junya Watanabe or Gareth Pugh. My style is inspired by the things I see that evokes strong emotions of love and hatred, and then I gave it my own twist to suit my environments, but too often I found myself wearing impractical clothes.

You were choosen by Style-Fever /Sara Abdollahi

9:45 pm - 21/11/2011
Russian hat and tiger heads//

The clothes Stickan are wearing might be from today. But you can really feel the past sweep through her clothes like her necklace who reminds us of a queen from the 17th century or her hat which could be from the cold winter streets of Russia.

Dress from Indiska
Jacket from H&M
Neckless made by italian desiger Alessandra Ropretig
Shoes are vintage
Hat & ring are both made by Stickan

Stickan is an artist under the name Hanna’s sister is a freak. Check her pretty and witty things out here


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♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.


9:46 pm - 03/11/2011
Basar true two//






Sometimes it is fun to see how two quite different peoples style can be so different but still go so well together, like with Melina and Gabriella. They are two friends who run the Basar Under which is a Vintage and design basar that takes place every Saturday in Skrapan/Södermalm. There you can also find cool and unknown designers work.

Melina is wearing:

Pants: Monki
Tank top: Casper
Blazer: Second hand
Hairband: Hannassisterisafreak
Shoes: Scorett
Jacket: Second hand redcross
Neckless: Suzywan deluxe

Gabriella is wearing:

Rings and hair jewellery purchased in India
Earrings: Vintage, Basar Under
Dress: From a trip in Japan
Tights whit skirt: Weekday
Shoes: Second hand Basar Under
Sweater: From a trip in Australien
Necklace:  Made by Gabriella herself


Check out Basar Unders webpage here!


♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.

4:43 pm - 04/08/2011
Diamonds and Hip Hop//

I met the talented designer Molly Abrahamsen outside her studio here in SoFo.


What do you get inspired by when you make your jewellery?

A lot off African patterns, and i also like to make things with diamonds and patterns in cheap materials over sized, to show the irony in the “bling-bling” side off hip hop. I also think colors are important, specially in Sweden, where the ideal is stripped down.

Which other jewellery designers do you get inspired by?

Melody Ehsani

What kind off other things do you make?

I also illustrate paintings and i have sold one to Sophia Somajo and i make costumes for a hip hop band right now. I have also made masks that the hip hop band used during their performance.

Where do you like to shop?

I like to shop second hand, in museum shops and i also like to swap clothes with my friends.


Molly is wearing:

Sweater/Second hand

Rings/Second hand, Tjallamalla & Indiska.

Bracelets/Dansmuseet & Indiska

Necklace/Made by Molly

Earrings/ BeadsbyPeddy

Sunglasses/ Beyond retro

Scarf/ Second hand from Africa

Check out Molly’s blog:


♡ /sara abdollahi.






11:42 am - 13/07/2011
amazing style by niklas lundqvist//

niklas lundqvist 

jacket: custom made by George Rostiashvili –  pants and shoes:  beyond retro –  cap: custom made by niklas lundqvist

photos by Johanna