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6:49 pm - 23/07/2012
Ginger hair rules//

Moa Hedlund reminds me of a mix between Tank girl and Gwen Stefani.


Everything vintage expect shoes that are from Doc. Marten.


You were choosen by Style-Fever /Sara Abdollahi

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4:07 pm - 04/12/2011
Cap and hoodie//



Robert Magnusson dresses in a mix between classical street and skateboard style. We also do get some punk and hardcore vibes his outfit.  You can tell he got a great eye for details but without overdoing it.

Robert is wearing:

Mishkakeps – Monkey Bizz
Thrasher Tee – Coyote Grind Lounge
Hoodie – Undefeated
Jacket – Top Streetwear
Jeans – Weekday
Sneakers -Adidas

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♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.

8:37 pm - 24/11/2011
Electro and Barbie//

Moa Hedlund is running the club Le Plus in cooperation with the famous Emmaboda festival. The club is a electro dance club so if you fancy dancing you should go!

Moa would never ever put a pair of leather pants, shorts or skirt on.

On the pictures Moa is wearing:

Jacket – vintage

Sweater – Monki

Jeans – Weekday

Scarf – Found it in a bar

Shoes – Converse

Rucksack – Barbie

♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.


9:45 pm - 21/11/2011
Russian hat and tiger heads//

The clothes Stickan are wearing might be from today. But you can really feel the past sweep through her clothes like her necklace who reminds us of a queen from the 17th century or her hat which could be from the cold winter streets of Russia.

Dress from Indiska
Jacket from H&M
Neckless made by italian desiger Alessandra Ropretig
Shoes are vintage
Hat & ring are both made by Stickan

Stickan is an artist under the name Hanna’s sister is a freak. Check her pretty and witty things out here


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♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.


9:32 pm - 11/11/2011
Red lips and ripped jeans//

This outfit reminds us of the song Sheena is a punk-rocker with the band Ramones.

Marika Ågren is wearing:

Knit that is home made

Jeans from Tiger of Sweden

Necklace from Ninecitrus

Shoes from Scorett


Marika is listening to music such as Skrillex, Rebecca & Fiona, Håkan Hellström and Markus Krunegård.

Her favorite place to shop is Urban Outfitters.

Check her blog out here!


♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.


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