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10:04 pm - 29/01/2012

Fendi and San Fransisco//

Annie Johansson is inspired by old actresses and Bond girls. In this pictures Annie is wearing:

Boots Scorett Fur Grandmas old Necklace San Fransisco Bag Fendi Wool gloves Norway

You were choosen by style-fever /Sara & Adèle



9:24 pm - 29/01/2012

Plaid is the new black//

Louise Broberg is inspired by her friend and is working with glossybox, a luxury box full with beauty every month, which you should all check out here

In this picture Louise is wearing:

Scarf  Velour Shoes Nilsson and everything else is Secondhand including Beyond Retro and vintage shops in Småland.

You were choosen by style-fever /Sara & Adèle


8:41 pm - 29/01/2012

Vintage feeling//




Emma Dahlberg gets her inspiration from the different moods that she might be in and by all sorts of colors. In this picture Emma is wearing:

Hat Ruth-Hanna Glasses Efva Attling Black fur coat Grandmother’s old Bag Amsterdam Scarf Hat shop in Linköping Dress Local Lia

You were choosen by style-fever /Sara & Adèle


3:20 pm - 09/01/2012

Patterns and wood//












Therese Blomqvist is a living entrepreneur with a earthy and edgy style that we adore. She dares to dress in mixed patterns and colors.

Dress Vintage Earrings Remake made by herself Bracelet African boutique in Portugal Ring Boutique in Old town

She is one of the owners behind a ecological and ethical store in Skrapan called Living Things. You can find everything from ecological clothes and candy there. Therese also have a blog under the same name as her store. Check it out HERE

♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.

4:37 pm - 02/01/2012

Cross necklace and a beautiful smile//

Carolina Ekman got a beautiful smile and sparkling personality and is one of the three djs from Håll Käften och Dansa. She is also behind club Sambaía which is a Brazilian oriented club.

Necklace Handmade by Jesper Fröberg Rings  Different markets Scarf Hope Skirt Hope Top HM Faux fur HM Coat HM Shoes Converse
Check out Håll Käften och Dansa HERE!

♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.