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7:43 pm - 02/12/2011

Retailers preview spring/summer 2012//



The collections for spring/summer 2012 don’t feel new, it got a rather retro feeling over it. Over all the new pieces reminds us of Whyred and Cos , and some of the cleaner items about 3.1 by Philip Lim.  This does not mean it is bad or good, it just means that we have already seen all of this by other designers.

Despise this we want to give H&M kudos because their great emphasis on the details. Also a lot of jewelry, shoes and handbags are fun and well made.  We also think that their retro flinging in combination with the clean Swedish design is well done. All in all we would love to see H&M dare to be a bit more edgy and not just follow trends but maybe set some trends.





Some of the shoes for spring/summer 2012. As you can see a mixture of heels, brogues and sandals with ethical patterns will be in. We have seen the huge necklaces in rubber already. But we still adore them! You can get the necklaces HERE







Happy Socks (Terry Richardsons collaboration)

Happy  socks have done a collaboration with the photographer Terry Richardson. During their event you got  the opportunity to make up clothings with the socks in all sorts of creative manners. It was a successful event, creatively done and a good mix of happy peopleas you can see in our pictures. We also ran into the girl behind I snap u who is the girl hiding her face and wears the cutest shoes.  Click click!


What do you think of these collections? Are there anything you look forward to?

♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.

3:07 pm - 02/12/2011

We love glasses//




We know that we have been writing about people looking effortless cool a lot in our blog. But, Babba (Barbara) Canales is one of the people looking effortless cool, so there we said it again. The way she combines her clothes is really inspiring. Her style is modern yet vintage. Babba is one of the people behind the eye wear blog Bonocle. You can really tell that they know and love what they do with that blog. Babba gets inspired by other people and glasses and that shows really well in her blog. It is well written and full of knowledge aswell as cool and making us wanna run and buy glasses! Make sure to check Bonocle out HERE

In the pictures Babba is wearing:

Dress – COS

Cardigan – H&M

Boots – Vagabond

Glasses – Mykita

Bag – A leather maker in Spain

♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.

1:06 pm - 01/12/2011

On the streets of Stockholm//




Olivia Eriksson is a art student and got the effortless vintage look about her. We could not help but to stop her and take a few snaps of her and her outfit.

Shoes – Topshop
Jacket – Vintage levis
Pants – Levis
Shirt  – Stadsmissionen
Cardigan – Bought at a U.S. trip


As usual we will publish exclusive material that you can only see on our Facebook page. We will also soon begin our Christmas present lottery where you get the chance to win nice things. You can join our facebook page HERE


♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.


7:19 pm - 30/11/2011

Playful Vintage//

Camilla Zarbell have a playful style and even thought we are out in november we get that summer feeling from her style. The sequins butterfly top is wonderful and brings out the sparkle in her dressing.

Earring and camera – Så Jävla Vintage

Cardigan – Camillas Grandmothers

Top – Myrorna

Shorts – Vintage

Shoes – Zoe

Necklace – Tourist store on Drottningatan

Camilla is selling vintage things with her friend, Adèle Tornberg, under the name ”Så Jävla Vintage” (So fucking Vintage) at Basar Under.


We will also upload some pictures to our Facebook that you can only see HERE

♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.



2:39 pm - 30/11/2011

Feathers and street//


Maria Bengtsson is dressing in a good mix with  Jordan sneakers, Lakers jacket and the jewelry like the feather earrings that she have designed  herself. Her style is classical hip-hop street-style that we adore!

She is wearing:

Earrings – designed by Maria herself  (You can buy them at Skank Stockholm)

Bag – present from Guatemala

Ring – Obey

Sneakers – Jordan 4 “Mars”

Leggings – Sneaky fox

Jacket- Vintage from NYC

Shorts- Cut Levis Jeans

Necklace in wood – Machinegun is a Good Wood

Necklace in metal – Memes in New York

Maria is the owner of steetwear store Skankstore Stockholm which sells street-wear and cool accessories. Check the home page out HERE

♡ /Sara Abdollahi & Molly Abrahamsen.